Why SMS Alert is very important to schools?

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Published on: 05 Apr,2017

From parents, the power of text message services (popularly known as SMS or short message service) is undeniable. The ease at which you can compose a text message, add the recipients' details and send it makes the SMS service the best choice for instant communication. While sending SMS from mobile is widely popular, the educational sector is looking for most efficient ways of sending bulk SMS for communication and marketing purposes. One such method of sending large number of messages is Online SMS.

An online SMS is basically a text message sent from the web. You don't need to install any software to send SMS from the web. All you need is an online SMS service provider that can help you set up the web SMS service for your account. Once the setup is done there is no stopping you from communicating with your far reaching parents and staffs.

When you send text messages online, you no longer are dependent on your mobile phone for composing text messages, finding contact details and monitoring the length of the SMS. In a single click you can send SMS to particular parent , particular class of parents or all parents


  • Daily Home Work
  • School Leave
  • student leave
  • Exam Details
  • Fee Details
  • Fee Collecion
  • Parent meeting
  • Staff Meeting
  • Staff Anouncement

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