Say No To Manual Billing Process In Schools

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Published on: 21 Feb,2017

With an increasingly online world, it’s no wonder that so many students, parents, teachers and staffs use a web based program. With SRK EDUCARE, we allow them to see their accounts update in real-time and get notifications.

One of the most difficult problems with any school’s payment systems is the billing process. Many small schools have to face the difficult decision of trying to handle it in-house or spending the extra money to process it out-of- house. We can help providing a simple solution that will take much of processing, out of the school’s staff which will be a cost effective way to stay on top of billing cycles.

SRK EDUCARE can work with schools of all sizes. From small private daycare centers, martial arts studios, art schools all the way up to public schools, boarding schools, and large universities. Whatever type of education, we can help create an easy to use solution that will help your school function smoothly. Get started today and one of our education payment advisors can help explain exactly how SRK EDUCARE can work for you.

With the right partner like SRK EDUCARE

  1. Schools can save up to 90% of the time they normally spend processing bills simply by choosing to use our online processing system.
  2. Schools, student’s families, and students themselves can see their bill processed in real-time.
  3. Schools can more easily collect fees and dues on time because of the email, sms and online notifications to the concerned person.
  4. Students and their families can more easily respond to emails and you can directly link to the billing details for them on the bottom of their email reminders.

We SRK EDUCARE, believe in a simple to use streamlined process that makes billing easy. We have versatile tools that will be created with your school in mind.

We are here to help you stay ahead of all of your accounts. Talk to one of our school specialists today.  Whether it is just help with setting up an account, with billing process, or just helping you with our years of experience, our friendly representatives are here to help. Fill out our form to get started.