What Possible Changes Does Indian Education System Needs?

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Published on: 13 Feb,2017

Every established system in the country always goes through a severe criticism. The Indian education system especially has been the target of many allegations from students, parents and teachers. Students think they are overburdened, teachers think they are not paid enough and parents want their children to get 99.99 percentage. I mean, where does the buck stop? It needs to end.

In recent times there are some steps taken on education reforms, but it is not enough. it needs lot more than that.

I have listed out the five major things in Indian Education System that needs a change sooner - not later.

Rote Learning

Ever heard of students mugging up balanced equations? This is one fundamental change that needs to come, in our Indian Education System! We’re very sure that most students are not clear about many of the basic foundation concepts that are taught in school even after they graduate.

The evil of rote learning has to be wiped out from a majority of Indian schools. Rote learning the fixed style of question papers that have been doing the rounds in board exams from time immemorial is still continued.

Meanwhile we all do know that many IB schools across India are trying to bring in interactive education and we laud that immensely. And I personally vouch for the interactive education to be followed in every schools.

Mark System

The method in which students are marked ultimately brings the Indian education system down. 

It is not correct to evaluate a student only on the basis of his/her performance for the duration of three hours of the exam. If the axis of grading and marking is shifted to classroom participation, project work, communication and leadership skills and extracurricular performance, only then will a genuine student shine out.

Respect All Streams Of Education

It is common to think that If a person finishes MA in English, he/she will end up becoming a teacher.
Diploma in hospitality management? What good in it? It ultimately means doing a job in a hotel as a cook right?

This mentality has to be changed from every person's mind. Especially our elders - its time to stop them, don’t you think?

How long are we going to look down upon vocational streams and look up to medicine, engineering, the IIT’s and the IIM’s? Students at the school level need to be educated through career counseling regarding the kind of streams that exist and what importance each of them plays to make an economy diverse.

Variety in education streams

It is obvious that we always see students being envious of their counterparts in the USA?

It’s because the students in India have only three options left after Class 10 – they’re stuck with Science, Arts or Commerce. If they’re not good enough for either of these, they jet set straight into diplomas and certificate courses. I think the Indian education system needs to introduce combination courses in which students can opt for a major and a minor subject? If students in America can pursue Physiotherapy with Art History and Biological Science with Photography, why not in India?

Tuition System

Discussing on this subject is like plunging one’s hand into a vicious cycle which seems to have no beginning or end. The reasons for tuition classes mushrooming are because students say that the teaching in schools is lax and not good enough for them to clear exams. Whereas teachers say that students jump ahead many chapters in the tuition classes before they are even taught in school.

This makes students to loose all motivation and steam to attend school in the first place. Okay, lets forget about all of this, what about the poor parents, their hard earned money gets drained in school and tuition fees alone!

Although the picture does seem dismal, there is hope because some of these changes are slowly being made by some education providers. As quick as these  possible changes are followed in every schools in India, the standard of the students and the Indian education system will be promisingly improved far better.