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How Technology Will Benefit Students

Published : Aug 03,17

Technology is everywhere--entwined in almost every part of our culture. It affects how we live, work, play, and most importantly learn. With mobile and other wireless devices like the IoT becoming an increasing requirement across every industry today, it

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Benefits Of School SMS And Email Alert Software

Published : Jul 28,17

More than 95% of the parents, staff, students carry mobile phone every where. This means that Schools and colleges can reach to parents and students instantly reliably and in a cost effective way, in case of emergencies, on communicating quickly students

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Role Of Technology In Today's Education System In India

Published : Jul 20,17

Advancement of Technology has affected everything and everyone around us. Why not, education then! From computers to smartphones and their role in education, the journey has been very illuminating. Soon, mind hacking devices would be taking the position o

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Why SMS alert is better than whatsapp messages for Parents

Published : Jul 13,17

Short Message Service (SMS) messaging, popularly known as text messaging, is a powerful mobile communication tool that allows schools to interact with their parents in a cost-effective, timely manner.

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Why SMS Alert is very important to schools?

Published : Apr 05,17

From parents, the power of text message services (popularly known as SMS or short message service) is undeniable. The ease at which you can compose a text message, add the recipients' details and send it makes the SMS service the best choice for instant c

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Top 5 Educational Websites To Take Online Course

Published : Mar 08,17

Top 5 Educational Websites where you can take online classes

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